Microblading / 3D Hairstrokes           $400

​         Permanent procedure to implant pigment into skin to create a fuller 

​more symmetrical shape.  Requires two appointments scheduled 8-10 weeks

​apart.  Total price split into two payments.  $50 non-refundable deposit at 

​time of booking will be applied towards service.  

Healed Microblade

Before & After Microblade

Tattoo Removal                                       $200/session

​         ​Using a salt / saline product penetrates the skin to help remove unwanted

​pigment.  May require multiple sessions depending on concentration of pigment

and colors.  A great alternative for tattoos located on face and body that are no larger

​than a deck of cards.

Eyeliner & Lip Pigmentation COMING NOVEMBER 2017

​C​ALL, TEXT or EMAIL  for more info and scheduling

​630-733-1982     ChristinLynnComplexions@gmail.com